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One off/Spring Cleaning

There are many health benefits to having a ‘spring clean’ at home.
Having a cluttered and a messy home adds more stress to your day to day life. So it shouldn’t be surprising that housework can cut stress and anxiety by 20percent, according to a recent health survey. Fresh clean smell helps to relax and gives you time for yourself, family and friends.

If you’re prone to allergies or asthma attacks during spring, don’t assume pollen is the only culprit. Dust and pet dander are powerful asthma triggers, especially with children. Clearing and de-cluttering your home also helps to get rid of the old and make room for new. You can change your mood by simply adding different colour cushions and accessories to re-vamp your home, bringing in renewed energy to your living space and family.

Our standard service includes:

• Deep clean of all bathrooms and kitchen
• Window clean inside and out
• Wash down of all woodwork including skirting boards
• Steam clean floor
• Vacuum throughout
• Dusting of all furnishings and ornaments

Additional services at cost:

• Cleaning of appliances
• Carpet cleaning
• Rubbish clearance
• Gardening